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AuAg Funds

onsdag, 15 februari 2023


☘️ CBS welcomes Eric Strand and Christoper Svensson, CEO and COO of AuAg Funds ☘️

Eric founded AuAg Funds in 2019 that today manages the three funds:

- AuAg Silver Bullet, "perhaps Sweden's most risky fund", the only fund in Europe investing purely in silver miners.

-AuAg Precious Green, a remake of the classic 60/40 fund where 60 percent of global stocks have been replaced with green tech stocks and 40 percent has been replaced from bonds to gold exposure.

-AuAg Essential Metals, a fund investing in miners of essential metals that are crucial for our green and high-tech future.

Eric and Christopher will talk about their careers, why one should invest in precious metals, who it suits, the impact of monetary stimulus, and of course their funds!

The lecture will be held in english!

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